Shipping with Orange Manager

Shipping Options with Orange Manager

Get more from your E-Commerce Order Manager than just one "option".

  • Select Your Label Provider
    - With paid accounts access to 3 simultaneous postage providers.
  • "Simple Entry" Package Details
    - Just the basics is all you need, everything else is done for you.
  • "Simple View" Shipping Rates
    - One simpliefied view of all the rates available for your package.
  • "Simple Print" Labels
    - Print to any connected printer. No special setup required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really support over 150 shippers?

Yes! Each of our four integrations offer various options, so we encourage you to look closely at what each provides. The pricing on all our integrations is essentially the same, but each offers additional features such as number of carriers, discounted pricing, integration, etc. Please note that not all options offered (beyond rates and those specifically listed here are presently offered on Orange Manager. However, should you require a specific option, please don't hesitate to contact us. If they offer it, we can bring it in!)

What do I get with a free account?

Our FREE account offers a free Shippo account. Shippo costs just 5 cents per label plus the actual postage cost. No additional fees!

What Label Providers do you offer and how do they differ?

All of our accounts offer a free Shippo account. In addition, our paid tiers offer up to a total of 3 simultaneous providers.

Easypost ( ↗) offers: no monthly fee, shipping cost +3 cents per package, Commercla Plus USPS rates, Media Mail, and 96+ shippers.

Postmen ( ↗) offers: low monthly fee (free version available) + shipping cost, Commercial Plus USPS rates, 44+ shippers.

Shippo ( ↗) offers: no monthly fee, shipping cost +5 cents per label, discounted USPS rates, 50+ shippers.

ShipEngine ( ↗) offers: no monthly fee, free account, cost +5 cents per label, 20+ shippers.

It has been our experience that all the providers - except Shippo - require you to load their account with funds from a credit card prior to creating live labels. Costs are then deducted from this balance. Shippo groups charges together on a daily basis and then issues a single charge to your card on file.

How do I set up a Label Provider with Orange Manager

Our free subscription provides access to the Shippo integration as part of the sign up process.

For our paid subscriptions, you will need an account at any of your desired Label Providers (follow the link above, or from within Orange Manager). Within the providers dashboard you will find an "API Key"....

After creating your Orange Manager account, you'll head over to the "Fulfillment Centers" page. There you will find an option for setting up a warehouse (up to 3 "local" warehouses). Along with this, you'll make a connection to your desired provider (one per "warehouse"). The directions are laid out, and pretty straight forward (although we are here if you need help). This system is designed to offer you different locations (each with its own shipper), however you can set up each provider as a warehouse and easily compare rates (free) for any order.

Can I get a refund of any mis-printed labels?


First, if the label is correct, but misprinted, you can locate the order via the search function and click the providers icon next to the tracking number (which shows below the notes area). This will open a new browser tab and you can reprint the label.

Should you desire an actual refund of an unused label, you can request one from your Label Providers web site by accessing your account and viewing your orders. Different providers have differing requirements, so to make it easy to use a less often used function we don't have a direct connection for label refunds at this time. Note that FedEx and UPS only charge if a label is actually scanned, so refunds on these are not required.

Can I get a manifest?

Manifests are not presently supported, however should you require this functionality, please contact us.

Do you know what shippers are actually supported for Rates & Labels?

It is near impossible to list all the possible carriers, and what each supports. Your best bet is to visit each providers carrier page, and then review the details to see if it meets your needs. Some providers will handle just tracking, while another just labels, and another all of the above.

We have compilied the following list of label/postage for each shipper, but we do encourage you to verify at their site, as things can change.

Easypost↗: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global Mail, DHL Express, LaserShip, OnTrac, GSO, APC, Aramex, ArrowXL, Asendia, Asendia HK, Australia Post, Boxberry, Canada Post, Canpar, Colis Priv√©, Colissimo, Deliv, Deutsche Post, DHL, Dicom, Direct Link, Doorman, DPD, Fastway, FedEx, Globegistics, GLS, Hong Kong Post, IMEX, Interlink Express, Liefery, LSOn, Network4, New Zealand Post, NZ Courier Post, Norco, OnTrac DirectPost, Orange DS, Parcel, Parcelforce, Postmates, PostNL, Purolator, Raven Post, R+L Carriers, Royal Mail, RR Donnelley, SMSA Express, Spee-Dee, TForce, TNT Express, Uber RUSH, UDS, Yodel
Postmen↗: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, TNT, ARAMEX, ASENDIA, Australia Post, Bonds, Bpost, Bring, Canada Post, Canpar, Correos Spain, Courex, Delhivery, DHL, Dotzot, DDP, Dpex, DTDC, Fastway Australia, GLS Ireland, Hermesworld, Hong Kong Post, Malaysia Post, Nightline, Omniparcel, ontrac, Pitney bowes, Purolator, Royal Mail,
Shippo↗: USPS, FEDEX, UPS, Canada post, Purolator, DHL, Asendia, RR Donnelley, Fedex, OnTrac, Newgistics, LaserShip, UberRUSH, Deutsche Post, GLS, Parcelforce, Australia Post
Ship Engine↗: USPS (FREE account), Fedex, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Purolator, Australia Post, Newgistic, OnTrac, RR Bonnelley, Imex, Globegistics, APC, Asendia, LSO, Access

What makes Orange Manager better/different than the system I am already using?

Are you aware of any other order management system that offers two, let alone four ways to generate labels? Are there any other systems that let you check rates across multiple shippers and multiple warehouse locations? Orange Manager is to shipping what mutlple pieces of machinery are to an Orange Grove. We don't just simplify the picking of the fruit, we make the whole process easier.